About Us

About Us

For greater than a century, Moti Jewels Palace has evolved into a name that is synonymous with artisanal craftsmanship, intricate designs, unparalleled finesse and exquisite beauty.

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Our journey began in the year 1857, when our founding father Kaniya Lal Ji established our very first outlet in the historical−walled city of Delhi. The Haveli still stands to this day and functions as our work-shop where our dedicated craftsmen continue the timeless legacy of creating be-jewelled masterpieces.

Even today, our jewellery designs are hand-crafted in accordance to our client’s needs and specifications. All jewelleries are original pieces of work by virtuoso craftsmen who themselves have been practicing their art for generations. For 6 generations, MJP has been servicing a global clientele including Indian and International Royalties, visiting dignitaries like Ambassadors and Heads of States, Hollywood celebrities, and renowned dynasties.

MJP crafts art-pieces which resonate with patrons with impeccable tastes, who have a respect for traditional craftsmanship, and a desire for celebrating refined heirlooms. It is this generation−spanning vision and adherence to the pristine quality standards that has lend us credibility and established MJP as the family jewellers for royalties and prominent dynasties.

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+91 – 98110 14000
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India Office
3, Sundar Nagar, New Delhi – 110003

Tokyo Office
Emgeen Inc 903, Core Mansion Okachimachi Freezio, 3-39-5 Taito,
Taito-ku Tokyo – 110-0016